Like was said in the Marine Corps when we were in the wrong, "As I was!!"

"Google never fails to give the people it makes billions off of a comedy of errors...

I went to check my AdSense(less) account, and it now takes me to a page with a Japanese translation of the Terms and Conditions but states in English at the bottom:

"An administrator for your Account must read and accept the above Terms and Conditions. If these Terms and Conditions are not accepted, you will not be able to continue using AdSense."But of course it does not provide a fucking link/button to accept the Terms and Conditions it is demanding I accept!!!

The administrator link takes me to a general help(less) page and tell me I need to click the Sign-in gear icon --> which takes me right back to the fucking Japanese T & C page!!!"

The above issue was fixed when I let Firefox upgrade to the latest version, that's all I did. So if anyone themselves suddenly getting the above message when they try to check their AdSense account, update your browser!


Wow....20 page views (assume not from me trying to navigate the new-to-me site) and I just made this page...interesting...

Also interesting...the following article, in many ways been there, done that.

Most people step aside, but a few are willing to step up:


He's back...!

Well it looks like Google "improved" my old blogspot Blog by keeing it still readable, but I can no longer access/edit it...so Dog Blog 2.0 is born!