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As I was wrapping up shooting my latest Dog Vlog, the Land of the Gods hooked The Dog up with this beautiful sunset, and then suddenly a dragon appeared!!


"WTF, Japan!?!" #1

With over 18 years of photos in Japan, I have decided to make better use of this Blogg and actually post content on a more regular basis.
Soooo, Welcome to a new 'series' of sorts I will call "WTF, Japan!?!"
(Of course "WTF" stands for "Why That's Funny/Fascinating". What else did you think it meant...??!?  (o_O) )
This will mainly be a series of interesting pics I have taken over the years and have (generally) never shared anywhere else. Enjoy!

To start...

Here is the last lesson/bit of advice I gave my students the day on my last day as an English teacher...