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Sleeping overnight completely ALONE in Aokigahara, AKA Japan's "suicide forest"

To the best of my knowledge and extent of my Google-fu, there has been no one that has documented going to Aokigahara AKA "the Sea of Trees" (or "Sea of Forest" according to the Engrish of the Wind Cave parking lot's map of the area, and also known as, unfortunately, the "Suicide Forest"), and sleeping overnight completely alone among the alleged ghosts and scattered remnants that numerous tortured souls have left behind.   

There are several videos and blogs of people either going in at night to “ghost hunt”, or going with another person or in groups to stay overnight, but no one seems to have had the testicular fortitude to go in there and sleep overnight ALONE in Aokigahara...until now.

First, a bit of background. After hiking through Aokigahara during my Sea-of-Trees to Summit hike of Mt Fuji:

I started checking out the numerous videos of the place on YouTube, and I kept seeing the same factually WRONG information, and the same challenge (to spend th…

New year and new post....

Since it looks like ScrewTube will be taking away my Partner status, I plan to try and make up for it by trying to direct more traffic here to my blog. It will likely be years or possibly never before I ever get paid from Adsense, but I gotta do, right? Besides, I am a far better writer than I will ever be video presenter/vlogger, so I need to make better use of my writing abilities in getting my message out.

I counted, and was rather disappointed to see that I only uploaded 6 damn videos last year. I can.. I MUST up my game this year and I am already slacking, but I'm back in the game with a new video....YAY!