Sleeping overnight completely ALONE in Aokigahara, AKA Japan's "suicide forest"

To the best of my knowledge and extent of my Google-fu, there has been no one that has documented going to Aokigahara AKA "the Sea of Trees" (or "Sea of Forest" according to the Engrish of the Wind Cave parking lot's map of the area, and also known as, unfortunately, the "Suicide Forest"), and sleeping overnight completely alone among the alleged ghosts and scattered remnants that numerous tortured souls have left behind.   

There are several videos and blogs of people either going in at night to “ghost hunt”, or of pairs or groups going in to stay overnight, but no one seems to have been bold (insane) enough to document going in there and sleeping ALONE overnight in Aokigahara, and thus leaving one's self vulnerable to whatever creatures, other residents (alive or...other 😧).
Until now...

First, a bit of background. After hiking through Aokigahara during my Sea-of-Trees to Summit hike of Mt Fuji:

I started checking out the numerous Aokigahara videos on YouTube, and I kept seeing the same factually WRONG information, and the same challenge (to spend the night there) in the comments. After looking at the most popular videos and checking videos and blog posts in both English and Japanese, I realized that no one had documented going into the forest and *sleeping/camping* overnight completely ALONE. Some have gone "ghost-hunting" and several camped overnight with others, but no one has seemed to have videoed or blogged about doing it alone. So I said, Challenged Accepted, Bro!

As I prepared for the trip, it occurred to me that doing a solo trip was also the perfect time to bust some myths as well, which can be seen in the video.

(2019/1/13: Continuing where I left off....)

It has  been almost a year since I uploaded my Overnight Alone in Aokigahara video, and it has become my most watched video. It received over  1500 comments, almost all of them overwhelmingly positive, and with many encouraging me to make more videos. The positive feedback was much appreciated.

Let's talk about the negative feedback a bit. My haters fell basically into two categories: the "Hurr durr GHOSTS ARE REAL, MAN!" true-believers, or the garden-variety name-calling trolls that usually got deleted immediately. I have no problem with differing opinions..I do have a problem with those that just want to be dicks, and not engage in a mature and rational discussion of different viewpoints.

To the credit of the true believer crowd, some presented a mature discussion of their beliefs, but not one has been able to provide a link to a scientific study that supports their "Ghosts are Real!" position.

Having my video get such a response (and resulting in me finally getting PAID a tiny bit of beer money from Youtube...Woo-Hoo!) was quite educational, and quite motivating to see that even though *I* thought the vid could have been MUCH better, many people said that the liked my "style", so...COOL! It is Game On with my YouTube game!

I learned that seeking to make the "perfect" video is time wasted, that most people can see and appreciate when you are being genuine with them, and that people are more often accepting of you than your are of yourself. Unless you are a truly evil person, for most people, the voice that tells us we aren't good enough is a &$%#@# don't listen to it! Positivity is the winning move!




  1. That was very brave of you to stay overnight in Aokigahara, and quite helpful to those who have the mistaken notion that the forest is off limits due to its reputation. Very creative and entertaining video! Quite sad though when you said your sensei committed suicide. Deepest sympathies. So glad you also addressed suicide issues by giving hotline numbers of those who could help. I will keep that in mind what you said, that suicide to some, is a permanent way to address a problem, a problem that might turn out to be only temporary. So many people out there nowadays unbelievably think that suicide is the best way out of a problem. Thanks for the enlightenment, will pass it on!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you found my video to be entertaining/enlightening..!


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